The New Zen iPhone app Testing Practice

( October 01, 2012

The New Zen iPhone app Testing Practice

The New Zen iPhone app Testing Practice

Many companies do iPhone app testing , but how many follow the ZEN approach to app testing?

The ZEN iPhone app testing is a process that is practiced inside the big iPhone app testing companies that rule the app store. This process is a researched and developed process especially for mobile apps.

Unlike the normal software testing process, this process is practiced with a certain set of rules written to test with a beginners mind (The reason apps and games like Angry birds, Fruit Ninja etc. are perfect to the minute level and unbreakable).

This revolutionary process also includes the normal industry standards practiced in any mobile app testing company.

But beyond the normal practices it also includes a unique set of rules where the app is attacked from various points of view. The iPhone app testers follow a set of protocols that make them test the app in 360 degrees, putting themselves in the shoes of users with various mind sets and opening up the app in various environments.

The result is an unbreakable app that has the elegance of a super hit app. It also gives the user a pleasant and good feel using the app.

The Zen iPhone app testing process also brings in valuable value additions to the app that makes the brand stick on to the users mind and makes them repeat users (Now you know the reason why certain big apps alone seem to be the favorite among users minds).

Carrying out detailed research about this new process, shows that very few mobile app testing companies seem to even know about this ZEN standard!

Doing a search for companies that follow this process for customers we hit upon a deal for this app testing process in the digital deals site Gentle Ninja.

You can check out the complete details about this process HERE.

As per expert opinion, with the iPhone 5 hitting the markets, it is all the more important for iPhone apps to follow the Zen app testing process, so the apps don’t give a feel to users as if it has been developed by newbie’s.

But also experts say there are very few iphone5 testers who practice the ZEN method.

So go on and give your app that elegant feel using this amazing Zen approach to the iPhone app testing process.


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