The Truth About Instant Customer Revolution

( May 29, 2012

The Truth About Instant Customer Revolution

The Truth About Instant Customer Revolution

Instant Customer Revolution is certainly one of the best marketing opportunity for all businesses, whether small companies or bigger corporations.

In the first video from the series, we’ve discovered some of the benefits of using Instant Customer Revolution as a way to increase your sales and also we’ve seen some cases of real people who changed their lives using this system.

Businesses Need Help

According to a recent study done by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA), the small and medium-sized businesses from all over the United States make out more than 50% of U.S. GDP, which means 7 trillion dollars.

The U.S. economy has over 22.7 small and medium-sized businesses.

It is important to picture this in order to understand how much do these businesses need men and women like you: more than 69% need help and have already asked for help in getting new customers.

The fact is they don’t understand how social media and mobile marketing works, because they don’t have a real marketing department.

Even if they might have a Facebook account, they use it only for chatting and sharing some news, because they are unaware of the power of these modern marketing tools.

Social media, email marketing and mobile marketing is a big puzzle for the majority of these companies, not to mention those really small companies who’ve never used an e-mail or never tweeted.

They are looking for people to help them keep going.

The cruel reality is that there are only a handful of online marketers capable of helping them.

This is where Instant Customer Revolution jumps in and provides them with marketers capable of driving quality traffic to their websites.

The beauty of it all is that anybody can benefit of this life-time opportunity, because Instant Customer Revolution gives you a real opportunity to become a highly paid online marketing consultant, even if you have no experience in marketing or you lack technical skills.

Since only 1 out of 38 marketer’s works with small businesses, the opportunity is huge.

The company behind Instant Customer Revolution has some of the best and most experienced marketers nowadays.

They had a resounding success a few years ago, when they launched a test page called La Jolla House Painter.

In less than 24 hours, this webpage got ranked all over the first pages of Google.

The amazing thing is that after three years, it still dominates search results.

The conclusion is that this company uses strategies that have always worked and they continue to invent new breakthrough strategies.


A Real Life Example With Diego Rodriguez

One of the so-called “superstars” of this online company, Diego Rodriguez, managed to change his life radically after becoming a member of Instant Customer Revolution.

How did he make $5000 in 5 days?

Is it possible? Yes, it is, and I will show you how he did it, because you can do it too.

Diego is not just some guru who made some money using a strategy that doesn’t work anymore.

The truth is he used all the tools available at Instant Customer Revolution and combined them with a strong desire and passion to help other companies succeed.


Diego followed these simple steps in order to achieve his goal:

– Focused on highly profitable businesses that are already spending money on advertising: Diego got his leads among the most 50 profitable small-sized companies at that moment. He focused on those contractors who had advertising pages in Yellow Pages. Since an advertising page in Yellow Pages costs more than $1000 per month, those contractors knew that in order to make money, they would have needed to spend them.

– Got the prospects’ attention: Diego used the exact script and cover letter provided by Instant Customer Revolution. The only thing he did by himself was a short video presentation. He then put the dvd, script and letter in a package and mailed it to the contractors. The total cost for mailing 70 packages was about $150.

– He used a special technique in order to attract the prospector’s attention: he explained the importance of his services and made the prospectors realize they are in a fierce competition and only one of them has the chance to work with him.

– Closed the deal quickly: the following day, one of the contractors contacted him. He soon received his first check worth $5000.

This system naturally attracts the best clients and can help you, as it helped Diego and thousand others, to boost your revenues.

So why not start today one of the greatest adventures of your life?

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