Tiger Woods Finally Set to Win the U.S. Open Again

Does Tiger Woods still have that burning ambition to win? Many say “yes, just watch him take out the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach for 2010.”

After putting the cacophony of negative media behind him and spending much needed time with his family. He is finally ready to make a comeback to the world of professional golf, big time! But the burning question on many lips is does Tiger still have the ability or even the burning desire to claw his way back to the head of the pack of golfing masters, where he has been so many times in the past?

Woods has had some high profile golfer’s criticize him about his style of play in a recent tournament, especially with his pin-high approach shots. At the noon press conference with the golfing media Woods was unperturbed about questions regarding his style of play and coaching issues.

He simply said that it was important for him to “control my traj” the trajectory of his shots. As to questions concerning not having a swing coach, he simply replied that many other tour players do not us coaches and no-one made a big deal about them. He went on to say “but for some reason, people are very curious about my life”

There was only one query regarding his personal family life and that was whether he and wife Elin had reached a resolution. To which Tiger quickly replied “That’s none of your business” Thankfully the media in general has moved on from this tawdry subject and are concentrating more on the real topic of what makes this man the focus of the sporting world. Golf!

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