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( December 4, 2010 Striving to Provide Customers with More Sophisticated Online Services Striving to Provide Customers with More Sophisticated Online Services

., a China-based online gadget store associated with PayPal, is now making great efforts on perfection of their Facebook Page and Youtube Channel, in order to provide customers with more sophisticated services.’s Facebook page has lured more than 600 fans within about two months and the number is increasing quickly every day. On Youtube, the Chinese company has uploaded 64 videos to better introduce their products, with a total visitor traffic of 9,000 times or so by December 3, 2010. The user bases are far smaller than what Tinydeal wants, according to Jackie Tan, an administrator of the two open platforms.

“Isabel (Isabel Zhang, the other administrator) and I are so eager to well serve our customers. We wanna communicate directly with them, know their wants and don’ts, and we wanna be friends with them. But now, we are playing the one-man show”, said Jackie, a little bit disappointed.

Isabel and Jackie mainly put some product or industrial informations on Facebook and shoot some videos every day. But that’s not important from Isabel’s point of view, who believes that if the customers are severed well enough, they will be willing to promote the company by themselves. “That’s better than advertising. You know, we are devoted to bringing great value and great experience to consumers”, she said.

However, Tinydeal’s customers have been used to talking business through instant messaging software like MSN and Skype.

“Very often, dozens of customers want to talk with Grace (Grace Chen, a customer service employee) through MSN at the same time, but she can only answer them one by one, while other colleagues are not able to help,” said Jackie. Isabel added, “but on Facebook, all of us can communicate with you at the same time. Which is more convenient?”.

Tinydeal wants all customers to participate in the management of their Facebook page, instead of Jackie and Isabel alone. “Imagine if all of our customers get used to talking on our page, once you say something, you’ll win many feedbacks. And we can build a new community where everyone has the sense of belonging,” Jackie appealed, adding that he will not delete any non-advertising post or comment.

As for Youtube, Isabel believes it is the best platform for Tinydeal’s affiliates. She said, “We give high commissions accounting for 5% of sales to affiliates. If you upload a video about our product on Youtube and put a link with a unique referral code, it is more likely for you to catalyze a deal and get the dividend, because videos show more details.” According to an executive, rewarding points will be given to customers who upload videos onto Tinydeal.

“After all, Tinydeal is not only a company of boss’, but also yours,” said Jackie. “Yeah, it’s ours,” Isabel added again.

Isabel, the girlfriend of a handsome boy, has joined Tinydeal a year ago as a new graduate. Jackie became one of the company after three years’ career as a single translator. The job is totally new with many confusing problems for the two youngsters, who seem to be confident of their future. “We’ll be better and better!”, they said.

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