Toys Not So Happy in McDonalds Kids Meals

Fast foods giant McDonalds has come under fire from a Washington based consumer advocacy group for the toys it gives away for free to entice children and their parents to purchase a Happy Meal.

The Center for Science is threatening to launch a law suit against the giant worldwide fast food corporation, stating that it was in the public’s interest that the facts be disclosed of the unfair and deceptive practices used to market the toys to children. The subject of obesity has reared its head again and directly targeted the fast food goliath.

What about the other fast food corporations that use the same practice of enticing the young and old with toys and or other “bling” in return for consuming their products. How long will it be before this turns into a class action suit against them all?

McDonalds has been given 30 days to comply, which is a pretty gutsy if not optimistic move for the Consumer Advocacy Group, when you consider the size and legal clout of the Food Corp. The Center itself does not bluff and has filed dozens of lawsuits against food companies in recent years. It is hoping the adverse publicity may be enough to get McDonalds to rethink its marketing strategy and remove the toys from meals.

One must admit, it is an excellent form of marketing which adds to the overall longevity of turning one purchase into many, just to get the next toy in the series. It leads to word of mouth spreading like wildfire between children who all want the same toy or the whole collection which is usually the way they come out.

This can keep kids anxiously waiting for the next addition to the collection to come out and adding to the playground buzz. This constant buzz guarantees the fast food giant that those same children will nag their parents to hit McDonalds as soon as the next new colorful toy from the collection comes out.

McDonald’s has been described as the “stranger in the playground handing out candy to children.” This is definitely not the type of image the fast food giant wants to prolong or foster. In their defense McDonalds spokespersons deny that they have broken or violated any laws and that they offer more of a healthy variety of meals today than they have ever in the past.

“We are proud of our Happy Meal which gives our customers wholesome food and toys of the highest quality and safety,” Whitman said. “Getting a toy is just one part of a fun, family experience at McDonald’s.”

All in all, it will be interesting to see where exactly all this rhetoric and legal posturing will take the nation in the long battle against obesity. The bet is this case if it proceeds, will be closely watched by some of heavy weights in the industry.

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    BY whom has McDonald’s been described as the stranger in the playground?
    Maybe they should make the food taste like crap. Good tasting food entices people to come back for more too.

  2. Dumb people

    They are just toys there is no reason for this!!!!!!

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