Truths & Secrets of the Universe Revealed?

Rupansh releases his book, ‘The Sojourn’ on Secrets of the Universe

( May 10, 2012

Truths & Secrets of the Universe Revealed

Truths & Secrets of the Universe Revealed

Rupansh ( ), a young author, has released his first book, ‘The Sojourn’.

The book deals with basic questions of life and the universe like the reasons of existence, the purpose behind everything etc.

The book has been presented in the form of poems.

The book is succinct and in just 35 pages, it touches on many aspects.

The manner of presentation of book is unique and people with limited time in their daily lives can reflect on many essential questions within a short period.

The book has the rare quality of changing lives of the readers.

It is a wonderful mixture of spirituality, science and literature.

Such a combination in one book is very rare to find.

And as it is said, ‘The most difficult thing in writing is to present the views in most succinct but striking way.’

The book surely meets the requirements of the adage.

What propelled the author to write such a deep book?

In an interview, Rupansh told that he had been always curious about the world and the reasons for existence.

After thinking about these questions for many years, he presented them in the book, ‘The Sojourn’ for everyone.

What is even more notable is the fact that Rupansh is qualified chartered accountant, master of business administration, chartered financial analyst and is working in Chartered Accountants firm, AGASS – Ashwani Gupta and Associates ( ).

He has written a book which is not related to his field of commerce in any way.

The book has been published by Shashi Publications ( ).






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