Universal Flu Vaccinations Now a Little Closer

( July 30, 2011

Universal Flu Vaccinations Now a Little Closer

Universal Flu Vaccinations Now a Little Closer

New medical research staking claim to the discovery of the first ‘human antibody’ capable of binding with and fighting off all forms of ‘influenza A virus’ has recently been released.

This ground breaking research indicates that universal vaccinations for all flu strains is now one step closer.

The newly discovered antibody (F16) has successfully protected animal subjects in clinical trials against lethal flu strains.

While this new medical breakthrough in flu treatment does not include the influenza B strains, it does show promise in leading the way to combating these even more advanced strains.

It will still take time to translate the findings into working models for further clinical use and advancements.

The possibilities that this new research has opened up will have greater impact in future studies of the influenza virus and its seasonal impact on the human race.

With millions of people hospitalized every year from the flu and the ongoing dire pandemic warnings, this latest medical news is a welcomed turn of events.

The study offered further insights into the workings of the human immune system and binding reactions within different forms of antibodies as well.

While any real solutions are still being touted as years away, the interest this new research has generated within the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry ensures that there is now even more activity concentrated on working on the cure.

Through cutting edge medical technology and the major advancements in stem cell research, man may yet find a way to finally put this deadly killer to rest, once and for all.

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