Urticaria Hives Treatment the Cure for Hives

( November 02, 2012

Urticaria Hives Treatment the Cure for Hives

Urticaria Hives Treatment the Cure for Hives

Hives is a condition which many people have suffered from at some time in their life.

It is a common condition that is also known by the medical name urticaria, also referred to as urticaria hives.

Yes, urticaria hives are common and most sufferers can easily get rid of the symptoms with a couple of antihistamines.

Let’s face it urticaria hives are not really a problem for most people are they?

So why all the fuss about the brand new urticaria hives treatment method released this week by author Paulette Joynt?

Well it turns out that some people suffer with a more serious version of hives which is called chronic urticaria or chronic idiopathic urticaria.

We talked to Paulette about chronic urticaria and just how her new publication could be used as an effective chronic urticaria hives treatment.

Paulette Joynt explained that she suffered with the condition for almost twenty years with very little let up.

She also told us that after the birth of her daughter her urticaria became much worse, which was her reason for looking for a natural urticaria hives treatment & which ultimately led to the release of her hives treatment method called ‘Get Rid of Hives’.

According to Paulette her urticaria hives got so bad that she found herself covered in wheals and lumps almost daily.

She tried all of the usual hives treatments such as antihistamines and prescribed steroids but they only ever treated the symptoms of the condition, and almost as soon as she stopped taking them, back came her hives.

Apparently chronic urticaria is almost impossible to treat even with the help of your doctor. So what makes Get Rid of Hives different?

How does it work & is it really a cure for hives?

Here’s what Paulette had to say:
No, Get Rid of Hives is not a cure for hives, you see although the symptoms of chronic urticaria (hives) may be the same as acute hives, which is the condition most people get, the cause or reason for the urticaria outbreaks are very different.

Paulette explains that she was only able to put a stop to her chronic skin condition after changing the way she considered her condition.

She told us that she spent an awful long time trying to treat an allergy, it’s the same reason most people suffering with chronic urticaria hives fail to beat their condition, but chronic urticaria is not an allergy.

So if chronic urticaria isn’t an allergy what is it?

According to long time CIU sufferer & author of Get Rid of Hives, Paulette tells us that she works on the theory that chronic urticaria is an autoimmune condition with the hives being a symptom.

Paulette explains that it was only when she started addressing what she considered to be the underlying reason for her chronic hives did she start to see a drastic improvement in her skin condition.

Get Rid of Hives is a step by step urticaria hives treatment protocol which is based on the same method Paulette used to get rid of her urticaria in just three weeks.

Our conclusion:
If you suffer with chronic urticaria hives also known as chronic urticaria then Get Rid of Hives might just be the urticaria hives treatment for you.

For a better understanding of how Paulette’s urticaria hives treatment works & differs from most of what is available we would suggest that you take a look for yourself:



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