USCIS Certified Translation for Under $50 at

New York City, New York ( December 19, 2011

USCIS Certified Translation for Under $50 at

USCIS Certified Translation for Under $50 at offers USCIS certified translation services of several documents required for U.S. immigration purposes.

For a flat fee of $49 (for up to three pages), they will translate any of the documents listed on their website into U.S. English.


Traditional translation companies will charge at least double this price for the same services.

What sets certified translation apart from any other type of translation?

Certified translation is a verbatim translation of a document and is considered a legal document accepted by governmental organizations, universities, courts, and financial institutions.

The types of documents The Certified Translation currently prepares are:
birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, documents necessary for police clearance, diplomas, and driver’s licenses.

Their $49 certified translation package includes 48 hour delivery, no hidden fees, secured PDF delivery via email, and 100% guaranteed USCIS acceptance.

Additional pages (documents 4+ pages or more) cost only $19.

If your document contains more than five pages, their translation services may take an extra one or two days to ensure accuracy. also accepts copies of official documents (no originals are necessary).

They accept payment through Paypal and Google Checkout and accept all major credit cards.

Over half of’s translated documents are sent to USCIS for immigration and green card applications. does not notarize their translations because most governmental organizations including USCIS do not require documents to be notarized.

Other translation companies will charge you a premium above and beyond the fee for their translation services, claiming that your document needs to be notarized.

This is not the case with

Their translation fees are clearly listed on their ordering page.

Placing an order for certified translation is simple.

First, scan and save your document to your computer.

Go to , access their order page, upload your document, and place your order.

They accept a number of image formats including: .jpg, .tiff, .pdf, or .bmp files.

The quality of any of these files needs to be readable in order to ensure an accurate translation.

Images that are of poor quality (unreadable, torn, missing a corner, etc.) will delay the processing of your order.

If you do not have a scanner available, you may scan in your document by going to a local print shop and using one of their scanners.

Good quality photographs of your document are also acceptable.

If your document is difficult to read, you may add as many clarifying notes as necessary in the “Note to Translator” section when placing your order, including the spelling of names, dates, and addresses. does not mail out their translations.

Instead, you will receive your translation in a secured and signed PDF file which contains their certificate.

This allows you to print out the document at your leisure, and passes the savings onto you by not charging for shipping.

They also do not accept faxes of documents at this time.

Your translation will be issued on their company letterhead and will also contain a certification of accuracy, a signature, and a digital barcode.

In the event that your translation is not accepted by USCIS (which guarantees will not happen), they offer a Triple Money Back guarantee. prides itself on providing affordable, accurate, and legally acceptable translations of documents for all of their customers and guarantee a quality product.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Irene Schneider

Company Name: The Certified Translation

Address: 350 5th Ave., New York City, New York 10118

Phone Number: 800-518-0517

Email Address:



Short URL:

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