USMLE Announces Stunning New Requirement for Foreign Physicians

New York, NY- ( November 06, 2012

USMLE Announces Stunning New Requirement for Foreign Physicians

USMLE Announces Stunning New Requirement for Foreign Physicians

The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) has announced that beginning in 2023, any foreign trained doctor seeking certification by the commission must have graduated from a medical school accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education.

This comes in the light of the fact that despite many stellar doctors from overseas, the quality of training overseas is not uniformly satisfactory.

No longer will it be enough for a foreign trained doctor to show that he is competent and knowledgeable; now he also has to show that his medical school also meets US standards.

This new regulation will effectively put out of business below par medical schools operating around the world as degree mills.

About the USMLE

There are around 10,000 foreign trained doctors who are currently in the United States who have been unable to get a license to practice medicine in the United States.

The US medical scene has come a long ways from those days when a doctor in India or Grenada could just walk to the local American consulate and get a green card to come to the US.

95% of United States educated medical students who apply for residency programs get accepted into residency programs.

But a mere 40% of foreign trained doctors who apply for residency positions in the US are accepted into one. is one of the many websites that provides training material for foreign trained doctors to get through the many examinations that they have to pass in order to get a foot in the door.

Part of the reasons why foreign doctors have such difficulty making it in America is the sheer difficulty of acing the USMLE to find out more about the United States Medical Licensing Examination, see


This website is dedicated to helping immigrant doctors take and pass the USMLE exams and thereby enable them to use their professional training to benefit their new country , the United States.

Many of these graduates work in America’s rural heartland, whether it be the corn belt of the Midwest or the  misty Appalachians where they are received warmly and their services appreciated and lauded.





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