Video Spokespersons Announce Contest for New Digital Platform

Orlando, Florida – ( September 21, 2012

Video Spokespersons Announce Contest for New Digital Platform

Video Spokespersons Announce Contest for New Digital Platform announced a new platform to deliver digital website spokespeople to website owners that has people in the know taking notice.

What is the future of the Website Spokesperson?

Many Internet users have seen a tiny web person, or website video spokesperson as they are known, pop up and talk on many websites for the last few years.

To some they may be considered irritating and if used improperly a person on a website can just be a gimmicky way to get the website visitor’s attention.

But if time and thought is put into how and what you want your video spokesperson to say, the results can be dramatic!

In fact, just like a real place of business, shop, store or office, people are still needed to assist, guide and build trust with potential customers or clients.

A website is no different and it is extremely difficult to get the trust component working effectively while offering a more personal approach. has developed a website spokesperson platform that makes the delivery of a targeted video spokesperson based on when the visitor is on a page or where they are coming from.

In fact their “whatchamacallit” ( they don’t have a name for this proprietary platform yet and are in the midst of a contest to name it) can be as exact as to have one website presenter appear and deliver a call to action during business hours and another one for after hours, weekends or whenever you want to target what they say according to changing circumstances.

The most advanced feature of their “whatchamacallit” platform is you need no programming experience whatsoever.

It is installed on the website and the webmaster controls the website spokespeople from any computer, tablet or mobile device they have handy.

About the leader in video spokespersons or Tiny Web People, has been known as the innovator in website video spokespeople for years while others follow and imitate.

While this may work for some to settle for an imitation, those that want to raise the results to epic levels of sales and website conversions using the technology of digital website spokespeople choose to stay ahead of the curve rather than follow.

For market leaders there is only one choice for website video spokespeople services –



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