Wake Up! Russian Spies Under U.S. Beds

Many Americans must be wondering what the heck is going on today. Did someone re-start the Cold War and not tell anyone. It had supposedly ended in 1989 with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Well anyway that’s what history tells us.

What started off as just another seemingly ordinary Monday has quickly escalated into screaming headlines telling us that we have had Russian secret agents roaming the streets. They are spying on us for god knows what reasons, have been for years and apparently all for the glory of the Kremlin.

The latest reports released by law enforcement officials at the Justice Department indicate that they have arrested and laid formal charges against 11 individuals who have been living for many years in the United States as deep undercover operatives (secret spies).

What reads like a plot in a new Clive Cussler novel or a 007 movie is turning out to be shockingly true. Apparently not even their children, who were born here in the United States, were aware of their KGB roots or what they have been up to. As if the American public hasn’t got enough to worry about already with the suffering economy, home-grown terrorism fears and the ever escalating environmental disaster in the Gulf.

Now they have to also worry about spies under their beds!

One wonders where the Kremlin is in all this, with officials in Moscow not saying much of anything. It might be a bit hard to deny these allegations especially since the FBI and law enforcement bureaus have intercepted messages between Russian intelligence and these undercover agents in our midst.

The FBI also stated that a network of what they are terming “illegals” are living and operating in the United States. But the exact number has not been disclosed, leaving it up to the imagination of the public. Just how many spies could there be living here? Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Authorities stated that they are uncertain as to what their intelligence reports were actually about and whether any state secrets were divulged. All this vagueness surrounding exactly what intelligence was passed on seems a bit strange, since these so called spies and their messages were being monitored for years by law enforcement.

Apparently even after all these dramatic James Bond headlines the defendants will not be charged with the serious offense of espionage, but rather lesser charges like money laundering and improper registration of legal status.

Well there you have it. Just as you thought another ordinary Monday had rolled round, you can now warn your work associates “Watch out the Russians are coming.”

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