WebReader Takes RSS Feed Viewing & Management to the Next Level

( March 28, 2011

WebReader Takes RSS Feed Viewing & Management to the Next Level

WebReader Takes RSS Feed Viewing & Management to the Next Level

With the multitude of RSS readers freely available on the Internet today, it can become quite confusing which would best suit the average surfer’s needs.

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and is now part and parcel of any decent website wanting to quickly spread the word about their latest ventures.

Webmasters can now easily update their sites contents and quickly syndicate the latest posts around the World Wide Web in seconds.

Rss when used properly and in conjunction with other media such as video and sound, also greatly assists in causing new posts to go viral, where they are quickly seen by millions.

Rss, and its associated readers that Channel and display the relevant information on the receiving computer, have come a long way since the early days of the Internet.

One such newly released free RSS reader is WebReader. This is one of the popular cross platform rss readers and is a full featured Google Reader desktop client.

With Web Reader you can subscribe to your favorite sites and blogs for new content.

It includes features like:

* Subscribe to any website, blog, rss/atom feed

* Feed and folder management make adding new feeds a cinch

* Supports keyword search to discover new sources!

* Smart search

* Multiple views to read your articles (full, summary and titles)

* Easy share: Sharing a news story on Web Reader via email, Facebook, Twitter is as easy as 2 clicks.

* Adjustable font size

The developers state that they are constantly developing it to produce an even better product and make it one of the best RSS readers on the market today.

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