Weight Loss May be Improved by Eating the Right Desserts – New Study

Potomac, MD ( December 29, 2010

Weight Loss May be Improved by Eating the Right Desserts - New Study

Weight Loss May be Improved by Eating the Right Desserts - New Study

Approximately, 80% of the U.S. population is overweight according to the U.S. Surgeon General. Being overweight contributes to early aging and many illnesses. There is a big struggle to lose weight. There are many ways to diet but almost all won’t allow sweets. Denying the sweets is a big part of the failure for the dieter.

You can lose weight by eating desserts! But wait a second, you just can’t grab any dessert and expect to lose the weight. It must have certain ingredients and follow certain steps. Here is what you must look for:
Chocolate is a great first ingredient. It is packed with anti-oxidants. It is thought that antioxidants prevent disease-producing cell damage. Make sure it is dark chocolate and has at least 70% cocoa. There should be no cream added to it. Cream has saturated fats and calories which are unhealthy.

Fiber in the diet has been found to decrease your hunger. In a recent study, November 2010, people on a high fiber diet had improvements in their body weight.

Protein results in weight loss. Research has discovered that protein diets led to weight loss and improved total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Sugar has high calories. You should look for low sugar products. High sugar diet increases the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

In a recent 2010 U.S study, it was suggested that weight loss has more effect on improving disease causing markers in the body than exercise. In conclusion, find desserts that have the correct ingredients and amount of chocolate, fiber, protein and sugar. These can be found at your local stores or for more information visit So you can have your cake and eat it too as long as the ingredients are correct.

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