Wethertex Offer Grants for External Solid Wall Insulation

UK – ( May 06, 2013

Wethertex Offer Grants for External Solid Wall Insulation

Wethertex Offer Grants for External Solid Wall Insulation

External wall insulation specialists Wethertex UK are delighted to announce that they have now been accredited as Green Deal Installers by the prestigious British Board of Agrement.

This is a big step forward for the company as it now enables Wethertex to install external solid wall insulation and obtain substantial grants for its customers to help subsidise the costs.

These grants are part of the Energy Company Obligation introduced by the UK government through its 2011 Energy Act and require the big 6 energy companies to pay around £1.3 billion per year on subsidies to home-owners who cut carbon emissions in their homes.

To ensure the money is spent correctly on measures that genuinely improve energy efficiency in the home access to grants for external solid wall insulation can only be obtained if work is carried out by a licensed Green Deal Installer.

Wethertex UK has been around as a registered company since 1975 and has an unrivalled reputation in the field of external wall rendering using its own range of BBA kite marked products.

Since 2006 the UK Building Regulations Part L1B has stipulated that any property made of solid walls, ie no cavity, cannot have the external walls rendered without first insulating them.

Whilst this made perfect sense when it came to saving energy, the extra costs of fitting the insulation boards and altering the wall furniture to accommodate the extra depth led to a large increase in the price.

The result has been that a lot of home-owners therefore decided against having the external walls rendered due to the costs exceeding their budget.

As a result of qualifying as a Green Deal Installer Wethertex UK can now get an average grant of 50% of the costs of the job which is passed directly to the home-owner.

From a business point of view it is great news for customers and also for the company and its workforce.

The net result is that grants for external solid wall insulation will lead to huge carbon savings for the energy companies and a large decrease in winter heating bills for UK home-owners.



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