What Do ER’s and Drug Abuse Have in Common? – Painkillers!

That dreaded little pill that makes you feel so good until you get hooked and end up dead, the painkiller, is in the media spotlight once again. Abuse of this so readily available drug is on the rise and reaching unprecedented levels within modern day society.

Prescription medicines have once again been named as one of the nation’s fastest growing drug problems among both women and men of all ages. These prescribed remedies for pain and some forms of hard drug abuse are rapidly killing people indiscriminately and at alarming levels.

New reports released by the relevant health authorities in the U.S. including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have revealed rapidly rising levels of fatalities as a direct result of  people abusing pain relieving drugs. At times they are actually beating illegal drugs in emergency room visits and more often running on a head to head basis.

The quiet killers, the silent assassins, whatever you choose to call them, many people are simply oblivious or do not care about the side effects of taking to many of these highly addictive forms of medicines and of their ultimate effect, death.

Oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone are some of the most highly abused forms of these prescription medicines. Worried health experts argue over the way they are being prescribed so freely and what can be done about controlling these types of drugs even more. Especially concerning to authorities is the fact that they have absolutely no control of these substances once they reach the home and are within the possible reach of the young or the uninformed.

How many lives must be lost before more effective controlling and education campaigns are taken more seriously and put in place by the relevant authorities.

Not even the death of our stars of the stage and screen from these callous prescription drugs seems to have any lasting effect on us anymore. We seem shocked for a short while by the passing of of our talented and adored stars that are hooked by this insidious prescription drug nightmare and then quickly forget.

Unless tougher measures are taken, then this steady stream of increasing prescription overdoses will continue.

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