What Is A Fuel Cell Examines the Power Source of the Future

Scottsdale, AZ – ( December 12, 2011

What Is A Fuel Cell Examines the Power Source of the Future

What Is A Fuel Cell Examines the Power Source of the Future

In an oil dependent society, the search is on for energy sources from wind, water and even the earth’s core.

An old power source that’s gaining new attention is the fuel cell and Mike Ward, CMO of What Is A Fuel Cell, has launched a website to inform and educate people about the devices.

“Any bad news for the electric power grid, and we’ve had our share lately, is usually good news for the fuel cell industry,” said Ward. “If you don’t know what a fuel cell is, then you really need to learn more.”

Simply put, a fuel cell converts the energy from a chemical reaction into electricity.

It acts much like a traditional battery, but doesn’t require recharging as long as the elements needed for the chemical reaction are present.

Hydrogen and oxygen are the two most common ingredients used to illicit the required reaction, and emissions from a fuel cell are much smaller than those derived from traditional combustion methods.

Fuel cells vary in size, design and the elements used to obtain a chemical reaction.

As long as a fuel cell is producing electricity, it also creates by-products of heat and water.

If the heat from an operating fuel cell is collected and reused, the device can approach an 85 percent efficiency rate and provides a viable source of renewable energy.

Fuel cells have a variety of practical applications for homes, communication and business.

They offer a portable source of power for outdoor events and remote construction sites, and emergency power in the event of a natural disaster.

Fuel cells offer back-up power for telecoms and those who want to live off the commercial electrical grid system.

The very first fuel cell was created by Welsh physicist, William Grove, in 1839.

It’s undergone considerable refinement since that time, but the technology has been available, though little was done to develop it commercially.

NASA began using fuel cells in the space program to power devices ranging from space capsules to satellites.

The technology has been used to power vehicles and as back-up power in commercial ventures, but is just now becoming available to mass markets.

What Is A Fuel Cell offers a wide range of fun and educational kits that employ the use of fuel cells for individuals, instructors and hobbyists.

The most popular is the Horizon Fuel Cell Car, and other kits are available that explore renewable energy solutions utilizing fuel cells.

What Is A Fuel Cell is a one-stop educational resource for those who want to learn about fuel cells and their practical application in commercial and home use.

Visitors to the site will find fuel cell news and information, along with educational kits that amply demonstrate the power source of the future.

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