Why Urbantrike is Set to Become the Ultimate Adult Big Wheel Manufacturer

( June 09, 2012

Why Urbantrike is Set to Become the Ultimate Adult Big Wheel Manufacturer

Why Urbantrike is Set to Become the Ultimate Adult Big Wheel Manufacturer

If there’s one thing that has been missing from taking the bicycle to work or to the shops then it’s the fact that they’re just not fun anymore.

Urbantrike, with their customized Adult Big Wheels are about to change all that!

Gone are the days of the standard two wheel Bicycle, it’s time to welcome back those set-pieces of childhood memories; The Trike, aka: the Big Wheel.

These Trikes are not quite how we remember them to be and they are very much geared toward adults.

Designed specifically for adult use they bring fun back into the coffee shop excursion and heads will turn as you make your way down the street.

Read on to find out exactly why these Adult Big Wheels are putting the fun back into Human-powered transportation.

Top 5 Reasons to use Urbantrike:

  1. Custom Made – What could be more unique and personal than having something custom made for your use.  At Urbantrike you can have your Adult Big Wheel entirely customized to your needs or ideas.
  1. Custom Choice – You can choose from different Styles of frames, colors, tire size and you can even kit yourself out in Urbantrike accessories!
  1. Built in the USA – Completely designed and built within the USA, every part of the Adult Big Wheels are fabricated in our Phoenix factory.  There is no need to go elsewhere when you can get the finest Trikes built right here on home soil.
  1. Comfort – You can’t exactly lean back on a two wheeler but with these custom made trikes you will find that comfort is a luxury which comes as standard.
  1. They Look Awesome – if there’s one standout reason to get in on one of Urbantrikes custom made Trikes is that they are 100% great to look at.


It’s difficult to find any company that can give you all five of the above but Urbantrike can do just that.

Adult Big Wheels are no longer a pipe-dream in living out our Childhood fantasies.

They are here, Urbantrike makes them and they look great!

Urbantrike offer three Trikes as standard to use for your Custom designs:

Drake – Looking for speed and visual appeal then this is where it’s at.  Racing thin Tyres, reverse bullhorn Handlebars and the custom GTL (Good, Tan, Lounge) for that perfect classy ride!

Bailey – If the Drake is designed for business and classy visuals then Bailey is pure sex appeal.  Sturdy Ten Inch white rimmed rear tyres and a white vinyl upholstery package oozes fun and enjoyment.

Atticus – The Trike Gladiator or God in some circles.  Truly stunning design. Twelve inch alloy rims, thick front wheel, molded high density bucket seat with amazing dropped frame and fantastic Ape Hanger handlebars.


If America had been missing the Ultimate Custom Trike designer then Urbantrike has just stepped up, to not only supply the market but fill that gap with ease, quality and pure solid workmanship.

So let us have a Closer look at what actually goes into designing and creating these superb Custom Adult Big Wheels.

Steel Front Brakes, for optimum strength and safety.

Custom Handlebar Grips to give you that extra added luxury motif.

Free-Spinning front wheel – makes going downhill faster all that much easier!

Thick Foam Backrests to give you that added feeling of comfort when cruising along.

High Grade Steel frame to provide you with durability, tight tolerances and peace of mind.

Patented Sliding Seat Channel for the perfect fit.


All the Custom designed Urbantrikes are of single speed capabilities, front wheel driven with a free wheel hub.

The Custom built handbrakes control your speed and that brilliant patented sliding seat gives you that perfect fit every single time.

What sets Urbantrike apart from other Adult Big Wheel Manufacturers is that most of the others still make their designs with hardened plastic.

These do tend to break quite easily and for safety reasons cannot be recommended for any reason.

Urbantrike uses High Grade steel to ensure the peace of mind and safety of their riders.

There are those who would wish to re-enact a childhood memory or relive the adventurous journeys of their youth and by having an Adult Big Wheel this would perfectly bring to life all those memories of yesteryear.

But there is a growing trend of people who are starting to use Trikes for the first time and not just for sport and downhill challenges, more and more people are taking them to the streets for practicality in getting to work, going to the coffee shop, going to a friends or simply just going out for a ride!

Everyday, people are turning around to the fact that Trikes are no longer the bastion of childhood adventures and taking it upon themselves to indulge in what some see as a luxury and fun way to pedal to wherever it is your wheels take you.


Fun meets Practicality

There’s no other mode of transport that can offer as much fun as an Adult Big Wheel and also in terms of being extremely practical as well.

There are many reasons to look at purchasing a custom made design from Urbantrike and fun is a huge selling point.

The fun aspect to the designs and indeed the great look of a Trike being ridden down the street only add to the superb creation and custom manufacturing of the Adult Big Wheels.

When Fun meets Practicality there is just no reason not to go ahead and purchase one of these.

Urbantrikes have brought Adult Big Wheels bang up to date and pushed their custom designs right into the future.

A world with Custom Designed Adult Big Wheels from Urbantrike is a thought that just makes most people smile with happiness.

Relive your childhood right now at Urbantrikes.


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