Would You Trust An On-Line Proofreader With Your Thesis?

( July 11, 2013

Would You Trust An On-Line Proofreader With Your Thesis?

Would You Trust An On-Line Proofreader With Your Thesis?

Having completed a PhD myself I know how emotionally attached students are to their PhD theses.

You will have spent at least three years or more on your dissertation and had several emotional roller coasters.

You will have confronted all sorts of obstacles.

Then at the end you will have had to spend months, possibly a year, going through it again and again and again making sure everything is just right.

Often at this stage you need your supervisor to check your thesis, but they can often take a month or more to get back to you.

Is it worth paying someone else to check your dissertation?

If you look for proofreaders on-line you will find millions of them with lots of different pricing schemes.

Can you trust them?

They will take money in advance because they in turn may have trust issues with you. Once they have given you your work back there is no way they could come and get you.

International students often struggle with English writing. In academia, particularly in England or America, a very high standard of English is required.

If your English is poor, then scholars will not take your work seriously. Also if your English is not up to standard you simply may not pass your PhD.

As your future career will depend on passing your dissertation, it is important that if you struggle at English that you get a good proofreader.

The best way to find one is to ask someone you know who has had a good experience with a proofreader. It is best to stick to what has worked.

If you don’t have any good recommendations you may want to try English Checking.

This is a company set up by myself and a friend from university (St Andrews). We have both completed dissertations, and have quite a lot of experience checking dissertations from students in Hong Kong.

All payments are made by PayPal so there is a measure of security – if you feel we have taken you for a ride, you can ask PayPal to refund you.

Not that we do take people for a ride! Anyway please have a look at our website and see some of our reviews.


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