Young Toronto Entrepreneur Launches ‘SweeptoKeep’ an Interactive Online Contesting Site

Toronto, Ontario ( October 29, 2012

Young Toronto Entrepreneur Launches 'SweeptoKeep' an Interactive Online Contesting Site

Young Toronto Entrepreneur Launches ‘SweeptoKeep’ an Interactive Online Contesting Site is a highly interactive, rewards-based, contesting site that offers people a means to enter free contests for valuable merchandise, gift cards, and promotional deals, with reliable brands.

Everybody loves a contest.

Envision the points-accumulation perks of a credit card, the savings of a Groupon, spiked with the excitement of eBay, and tempered with the reliability of your mother (if she was, of course, like, very reliable) – and you have SweeptoKeep.

It’s free to browse, and it’s free to register.  There’s a simple, direct, one page form for your basic information; once that’s done, you’re a member, and you are free to enter the contests you like.

As part of the SweeptoKeep community, you can view the contest list from your profile page or the ‘current contests’ page.  From there, you can easily access the ‘contest description’ button and then submit your first entry for free by clicking the green button on the ‘contest details’ page.

The layout is simple, pleasing and effective.  The layout is incredibly well laid-out and organized, and the use of colour coding makes it simple to distinguish between sections on the website.

The three navigation tabs on the top left provide even the most novice of users with simple, sufficient direction: you can easily see how to Earn Reward Points, browse Current Contests, and check out Recent Winners.

You can log in or out, and register from every page; or jump to Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger to share your experience for increased rewards points.

Best of all, there’s no direct advertising.  SweeptoKeep ensures it is sufficiently supported by the companies supplying prizing for contest entrants; so it’s users are not bombarded with intrusive ads and pop-ups.

Rewards Culture.

Once you’re a SweeptoKeep member, not only can you enter trusted contests, but you can also earn and use reward points for additional contest entries to increase your chances of winning prizes.  Consider it something of an interactive wallet.

Reward Points can be earned by interacting in different activities on the website, such as answering fun lifestyle polls from the blue right-hand column, or sharing the best contests with friends and loved ones on Facebook and Twitter.

Admirably, SweeptoKeep founder, Ryan Austin, sought to “create a meaningful connection between customers and businesses” through contests – hence the enjoyable and easygoing tone of his contest site.

Fair game.

In a recent interview, Mr. Austin said, “winning a prize should be enjoyable and contest entrants shouldn’t have to worry about who to trust.”

He went on to explain that many contesting sites don’t go through their posted contests to confirm their authenticity.

In this vain, he has established long-term relationships with the brands featured on his site, and ensured that each contest is directly sponsored by SweeptoKeep to maintain legitimacy.

“SweeptoKeep sponsors every contest it hosts, so website members can trust that if they win, they’ll receive their prize.”

– Ryan Austin, Founder of SweeptoKeep

Moving Forward.

SweeptoKeep aims to change the contest marketing industry by providing businesses with a simplified marketing tool that can keep their brands engaged across multiple social networks.

From the users point of view, SweeptoKeep has been successful in creating a fun and enjoyable, interactive platform for customers to connect with brands they like.  And it’s easy to use.

In the last 2 weeks alone, S2K has attracted about 40-100 people for registration per day, and has now extended its services to the USA and UK.

SweeptoKeep’s success will be in its ability to continue to make users feel welcome, and at home, as it continues to attract respectable and trustworthy brands for consumers to engage with.

Please Visit SweeptoKeep today at: or

You must be Age of Majority in your Province/State/Territory (excluding Quebec) to become a SweeptoKeep Member.

Feel free to contact Ryan Austin (Founder and CEO) for any further questions or enquiries at:


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