YouTube Hacked by Simple Double Script Technique

YouTube Hacked Justin Bieber

YouTube Hacked - Justin Beiber Targeted

No one expected YouTube the online video goliath owned by Google to ever get hacked, but to the surprise of many including Justin Bieber it has happened.

The teen heartthrob bore the brunt of the attacks which featured fake pop-up messages, including one that reported his death and the redirecting of web surfers to porn sites.

The Internet was quickly a-buzz with the rumours that YouTube had been infected by a virus, which of course was not the case. New information coming to light points to a simple double scripting technique initiated through the use of JavaScript and HTML code.

The code was carefully placed by hackers in the comments section of certain videos that would be triggered when they were selected for play. YouTube carefully restricts the use of snippets of code on its pages and all user data input is stringently screened and filtered for any malicious content.

Twitter was flooded with messages as the word spread like wildfire, which caused even more people to hit the site to check out this supposedly once in a lifetime event. Industry rumours suggest that all it took to hack YouTube was a simple double script tag or using two script tags in a row <script><script>.

The security screening software stripped the first tag as it normally would on any attempted script activation, but let the second tag through and it was able to run.

A simple idea that proved very effective, which helped the hackers to achieve their intended targets of causing confusion and mayhem on one of the most visited sites in the online world.

To their credit Google technicians were on to the problem very quickly and had it under control within two hours.

Childish? Yes, the average age of a hacker has been reported as 16-19 years of age.

Prove a point? Yes, no one is safe, even the mightiest of companies can be made vulnerable through using the simplest of techniques.

The Internet has been described as on of the greatest advancements in modern times, but to many it is still the Wild West where horror stories abound and things can seemingly turn on the unwary visitor very quickly.

The individual can only surf and wonder, if an online giant with very deep pockets and the finest security available can be hit just like that, what chance do the rest of us have in safely navigating this well travelled but at times dangerous road called the Internet.

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